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MD Forte is an elegant product line designed to work within your own skin care program to minimize the appearance of skin imperfections. The products are non-comedogenic and compatible with Retin-A, makeup, and other cosmetics.

The active ingredient, glycolic acid, is a natural substance belonging to a family of fruit and dairy extracts now used for skin care. It has been proven safe and effective in helping to shed damaged skin cells and unclog pores. It moisturizes and exfoliates to reveal a smooth and lustrous appearance to the skin.

MD Forte is available in three different concentrations depending upon the condition of your skin. Our qualified staff can help to determine which product best suits your needs.



Vivite skin care is an advanced skin care routine that promotes beautiful, healthy skin. Vivite contains GLX Technology, which is a fusion of glycolic acid and natural antioxidants. This formula matrix is designed to act as a catalyst for effective penetration of critical ingredients: glycolic acid to exfoliate and sustain moisture release in the skin, as well as topical antioxidants to provide protection.



Propecia is a new medication which has been shown in controlled scientific studies to maintain or grow hair in men.

Men with male pattern hair loss have increased amounts of DHT in their scalps. Increased levels of DHT are believed to affect the hair growth cycle. Propecia blocks the formation of DHT, thereby lowering the levels in the scalp. As a result, Propecia has been proven to maintain or increase the hair count in most men.

Use of Propecia is simple and convenient. Only one pill a day is necessary in preventing hair loss.

The first visible result, the slowing of hair loss, is usually seen in as early as three months. In six months, men will begin to see regrowth.

If you are interested in this dramatically effective new medication, please feel free to call our office for an appointment with Dr. Badame. As a convenience, Propecia may be purchased at our office.

Propecia is for treatment of hair loss in men only. There are other treatment options for hair loss in women which Dr. Badame will gladly discuss with you in the office.